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Scale your business, provide five-star delivery experiences, and offer visibility at every step of the delivery journey to your clients and their customers.

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The Onfleet experience

  • 45% fuel savings 
  • 98% on-time delivery rates
  • 50% increase in successful deliveries
  • 55% increase in driver capacity 

Trusted by thousands of businesses

The most successful courier delivery operations choose Onfleet.

Top-rated Last Mile Delivery Software
Top 20 Fleet Management Software
Route Planning and Fleet Management Leader
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    We essentially take merchant volume and distribute that to delivery partners in order to maximize efficiency and provide next-day and same-day delivery, Onfleet is a big part of us being able to do this.
    We‘re using it as an extension of our operation in order for us to delegate volume to different partners. So really, what Onfleet is, is our entire day-to-day ground operations.

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    Our drivers find Onfleet‘s driver app to be most intuitive when compared to other apps.
    Monitor, navigate, assign and route tasks right from the map. Multiple cities logistics management made easy.

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    Onfleet is a no-brainer for any serious delivery operation. We were able not only to increase our delivery capacity by 50% using their route optimization engine but also to improve on-time rates and customer satisfaction through accurate ETAs and real-time visibility.